Saturday, January 30, 2016

Day one: Waking up in India

It feels like a forgotten memory or dream coming back to me. Or one of those instances when the image moves from blurry and indistinguishableto clear. There is something surreal about being here in India. It's like landing in a picture and then everything coming to life around you. Each place I have visited has a distinct feeling all its own. An energy that cannot be emulated or copied outside of its origin. A facet of light that is only revealed at one time, one place and in one way. This is what tantra refers to as Shakti, the living vibration of energy, eternally and creatively expressing itself in all moments. Though it seems so much easier to see when traveling to foreign places. 
How can I describe the feeling that the giant palms give me as I listen to the cacophony of dogs barking and crows cawing– as though I have never heard a symphony such as this or seen palms like these here in Karnataka, southern India. 
I feel as though I have truly arrived at the pearl of my trip. This is what I have been waiting for so long! I have an apartment for the month and I look forward to the time to practice, process and write about my experiences. 
For now I can tell you that there is so much newness to relax into. To enjoy the smells, sights, sounds and tastes with a vibrant receptivity. Every sari, sacred cow, smiling Indian with kumkum smudge and head wag makes me tingle. I feel exhilarated and alive. Sending you blessings of bright light with every color from India!

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